Be with Jesus

We are going on a journey of discipleship, learning how to be with Jesus, and will be exploring different rhythms to help us do this.

start the day

Our first rhythm is called “START THE DAY” where we are inviting the church to begin every day in God’s presence. This might be something you do already, or perhaps spending daily time with Jesus is brand new for you, either way we want to go on this journey together. This can look however you like but if you’re unsure where to begin, hopefully this video will provide a helpful starting place!


Here are some other tools to help you spend time with Jesus.

Spiritual Formation Cards

The Vineyard movement have created some beautiful prayer cards for prayer and reflection. You can download them for free below.


This is a daily devotional app written by leaders from the 24-7 Prayer movement, helping you engage with the Bible every day and inspiring your prayer life.

Prayer Resources

In this uncertain time it can be hard to know how or what to pray. If that’s you, the 24-7 Prayer website contains lots of helpful resources to guide your times of prayer.

The Daily Examen

The Daily Examen is a simple prayer tool to help us reflect on the events of the day, helping us to re-centre our hearts and minds on God’s presence. Listen below!


Though we find ourselves in uncertain times, we can be certain of who our God is and the hope we have in Jesus. We believe that prayer is powerful and that God wants to partner with us, so we would love to invite you to unite in prayer.

The National Director of the Vineyard movement has given us language for this time!