Prayer & Pastoral Support

Being formed and transformed by Jesus.

At Vineyard Cardiff, we believe in the power of prayer and equipping people to partner with God in prayer in all circumstances and at all times of life.

We care about the wellbeing of our church family and want to be a place where people feel supported as they go deeper with Jesus.


At Vineyard we believe in the power of prayer; for people, situations and our city. As Christians we believe we get to partner with God in what He’s already doing, and this often starts in a place of prayer. There are many ways that you can get involved in prayer at Vineyard Church Cardiff…

Prayer Gatherings

Our hope is that as God’s followers, we would rewrite the stories of individuals across our nation, and release life in our city. We want to see the areas of brokenness within our city restored, and hearts and lives turn to Jesus. We are so aware that this must start with us on our knees in prayer, crying out to God for his healing and forgiveness to flow through this land. Get involved here:


Hosts: Rachel Wilton & Esther Griffiths
Day: Tuesdays
Time: 7:00 – 7:30am
Zoom Meeting ID: 882 0168 0352


Hosts: Bruce & Lynn Rankine
Day: Friday
Time: 5:45 – 6:30pm
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Hosts: Claire & Pete Speirs
Day: Wednesdays
Time: 7:30 – 8:00am
Zoom link here.

PENYLAN (mums)

Hosts: Anna Epton & Clare Carbis
Day: Friday
Time: Variable due to kids!
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We want to be a people who seek God, seek justice and act on his words. Intercession is praying for the Kingdom of God to come in our church, our city and beyond. As a church we are learning how to pray for others powerfully. We have Intercession teams that pray every Sunday before and during our services, watching what the Father is doing and partnering with Him to see His Kingdom come. If you’d like to join a Sunday Intercession team, sign-up here.


SOZO is an extended prayer ministry tool that we use, designed to bring you freedom from things that are holding you back or hindering your relationship with God. You will meet with two members of the trained Sozo team for roughly an hour where they will guide you through this prayer time and help to facilitate this encounter with God. If you’d like to request more information, or want to sign up for a session, contact our team.

Pastoral Support

Many of us will go through times when we need the support of those around us, whether it is physical, emotional, or spiritual care. This primarily happens through our small groups, and we encourage all who attend VCC regularly to join a small group community. We also have a Pastoral Care team comprised of paid staff and volunteers, who would love to meet for a cuppa and chat further.

get in touch

If you’d like to speak with someone about how you can get further support or prayer, then please drop us an email.