Essential Info

All you need to know about returning to church gatherings at Cardiff Central.

We loved getting to meet in person a number of times towards the end of 2020. We are hoping and praying that we will be able to meet together again soon. Below you’ll find helpful information for what the services will be like and how to book on when we do return.

We have taken precautions to ensure these services are as safe as possible for everyone so things will look a little different for a while. Even with the actions we have taken to protect us all, the risk of transmission of COVID-19 can’t be entirely eliminated and so before considering attending a church service, we encourage you to make the best choice for your family and situation. We’ll be continuing to host services online for the foreseeable future, so there is no pressure to rush back to joining us on site if that’s not the best option for you to take.

1. sign up

To follow guidelines and manage numbers in the building everyone attending church will need to sign-up online ahead of time. The form includes some important information in respect of the ongoing COVID-19 situation so please take the time to read through it all carefully.

There is no cut-off time to sign-up for a service but we anticipate them filling up very quickly so we’d recommend booking on as soon as possible.

2. services will look different

Please watch the video below to see how our services will be running.


  • There is a one-way system. The Host Team & signs in the building will let you know the route.
  • A member of The Gate team will carry out a temperature check as you enter the building.
  • Hand sanitiser stations are available at different points.
  • In line with Welsh Assembly regulations, face coverings are to be worn when you are inside the venue.
  • We aren’t able to serve refreshments.
  • The seating inside the Theatre has been socially-distanced on the floor space and in the pews. You can sit on your own or in a pair (with someone from your own household/extended household). The Host Team will show you where to sit.
  • There will be worship during the service led from the front but the congregation cannot sing along.
  • Anyone speaking or singing from the front will be behind a perspex screen.
  • Please arrive 15 minutes before the service starts.

3. Kids & YOUTH // ONLINE

Our Kids & Youth teams have done an amazing job creating great online content to help our young people engage with Jesus.