Join a Team

Joining a team is an integral part of being involved in the life of this church, and a great way to meet other people.


Here at Vineyard Church Cardiff we are a family and we believe everyone has their own part to play. Whether you love making a cup of coffee, have a heart for kids meeting Jesus, are musically gifted or love to make others feel welcome, there will be a team for you! Below are all of the teams that we run – have a look and see where you’d love to serve.


Making church as easy and comfortable as possible for every individual attending.


Creating a lasting first experience for our guests, where every individual who enters feels part of the family.


Leading people into God’s presence in worship, either through your voice or an instrument.


Creating an inspiring and technically excellent environment for worship.


Creating an inspiring and technically excellent environment throughout the service.


Partnering with God in prayer to see His Kingdom come in our Sunday services.


Supporting our little ones as they begin their journey of faith while having loads of fun.


Discipling the next generation and helping them know Jesus in a real and authentic way.


 Serving the city we love. Restore is our compassion ministry. Find out about our individual projects here

Send us an email stating your name and which team(s) you’d like to be a part of!