Serving The City

Love your neighbour, serve our city.
At such a time as this, we as a church are even more steadfast in our commitment to serving those in need in our city and beyond. The COVID-19 outbreak has put great strain on many aspects of our communities, from NHS workers to the elderly to those with vulnerable health through to those who were already facing poverty, homelessness and isolation. This crisis has created many urgent issues in our city as well as exacerbating many needs that already existed. 

Over the past few months we’ve created drop-off points for food donations at CVC and at the warehouse at Culverhouse Cross with our ‘Food For The City’ campaign. The response was overwhelming and we want to say a massive thank you to everyone who donated! This campaign has now finished, but if you live in the West of the city we’ve got an exciting opportunity for you to continue to bless those in need. 

Fill the van

Cardiff West

If you live in the West of Cardiff, we’re thrilled to let you know that in August we are able to come and collect food donations straight from your door, which we will then donate to The Dusty Forge in Ely. Dusty Forge provides over 50 food packages to those most in need in the West of the city, helping over 200 households every month. What you donate, goes out that same week to those who need it most.

We would love for you to get involved by putting a poster in your window, sharing leaflets through your neighbours doors, putting a collection box outside your home and helping contribute to collecting food. When your box is full, just message us on Facebook or drop us an email and we will come and collect the food from you in a safe, socially-distanced manner.

Essential food items include: vegetable soup, tinned tomatoes, tinned vegetables/fruit, baked beans, UHT milk, cereal, biscuits, tea and coffee (instant), tinned rice pudding, pasta and rice, pasta sauces. NB. Please do not bring fresh items.

We are excited that you are able to join us in this partnership with Dusty Forge!


We have a ‘taskforce‘ of people who are able to provide practical support to those in need. If you are interested in knowing more about this please sign up using the link below and we will be in touch with more details. (We understand that for some this will not be possible, so please wisely and prayerfully consider the health of those around you and your own wellbeing before signing up