Ty Adfer

Supported accommodation for men who are trying to move on from being homeless or vulnerably housed

TY ADfer

Ty Adfer is a five-bedroom house run by Vineyard Church Cardiff  to offer supported accommodation for men who are homeless or vulnerably housed.

Ty Adfer means “restoration house” in Welsh. Our vision is to provide residents with more than just a roof over their heads, but to provide a home with community at its heart. We ultimately want to see residents move toward whole independent living, seeing lives restored in the process.

We will encourage residents to develop skills that equip them to meet their own needs and help them move from a place of dependence to independence.  To this end, we offer support for employability, budgeting, physical and mental wellbeing and addiction recovery.

Each of our residents will be supported by two key workers, who will connect with the resident every week and work with them toward goals and personal growth and development.



There are number of different types of volunteering opportunities within the house.


Supporting the residents in the house and in life generally by helping them to achieve independent living


Be available when possible to fix / sort problems that arise in the house. 


Connect with residents and help with possible employment and life skills or personal development, this could look like a course, bible study, art class, we are open to any ideas.


Pray for the house, the atmosphere, the support teams and the residents.

 If you would like to know more about the project or are interested in volunteering please email us at [email protected].